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Dissertation Assistance During COVID-19

This is not the best of times for all sectors of human endeavors with the second wave of COVID-19 sweeping across the world. Academia is left out. In times like this, dissertation work must continue but with adjustments to the realities that we are facing.

So how can work progress in a dissertation without students and lecturers coming together physically as it used to be the case pre COVID? We shall be taking a look at the adjustments that have taken place. 

Emphasis will be on ways of reducing the financial burden on students who have to spend more money and data on zoom meetings. The tips you are about reading are cost-effective and will produce desired results while students work from the safety of their comfort zones. 


There is the need to maintain regular online meetings more importantly every week. The emphasis should not be on research work alone; it should include talk about the welfare of the students in times like this.

There should be regular research lab meetings as well as group meetings. This will help bring life into the efforts of each student and will help ease the agony of not being physically present in school.

It will be of help to step out of zoom and allow the students to interact with each other online. It will at least bring back memories of their togetherness while in school.

The above are elements that could be included in the zoom meeting. 


Set realistic and achievable milestones. The set milestones should be flexible. This is not the time to add to the burden of the moment. Adjustments can be brought in as the situation with COVID changes.

With the smallest success made; do not leave it without celebrating such. When you celebrate such success, it will act as the tonic to achieve more.

Provide the avenue for students to document the impact of COVID on their candidature. 


Problems will arise and it calls for a broad shoulder on which the students can lean on to get the right answers that will lift their spirit. You must bear in mind that you will not be able to solve all the problems that arise. Solve the ones you can handle and leave out the rest.

The online opportunity can be used to offer counsel to the students. This is an opportunity that is open to them during the normal school calendar and it should not be left out if things are to be balanced. 

The forum that addresses health issues that will help in overcoming the challenges presented by COVID should be part of the virtual meeting. If possible, provide room for mental health first aid training.

There are support systems that will be offered by each institution. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of this in order to achieve expected results.

Lessons centered on personal safety should be practically applied. There is the need to be safe because that is the basis that you needed to pursue your objective of achieving the best grades in your dissertation.

Final thoughts

 In times like this, it is possible to achieve the best results that you are going to be proud of in your dissertation. The tips above have you completely covered. Even with COVID, you can excel in your dissertation.

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